Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rome Metro Subway Mosaics

The city of Rome Italy does not have as extensive an Underground system as London or Paris, but the Rome Metro is full of big modern mosaics. I only had a couple days in Rome and was always in pretty much of a rush and this was July and there were people EVERYWHERE....so it was very difficult to get these photos. I did not make notes as to which panel was located where, I was just rushing (like trying to get to the Sunday flea market before it closed,etc) and with too much else on my mind. I am including a map of the Rome Underground Metro here, if you go for a visit and want to see these mosaics, just buy a all day ticket and hop on and off. You will find the mosaics in the passageways leading from the street entrances leading to the train platforms or in tunnels that connect two train lines.

Tip: Don't visit in June, July or worse-August. Go in early fall for an ideal time. There is a great deal of interesting detail within the solid areas of color in these modern abstract mosaics. You will be able to see that in some of the close-ups shown here. I noticed a sign that seemed to identify one mosaic panel, shown here. The others may have them too, altho I did not notice them but I don't see them in the long shots of the mosaic panels.

Don't forget to click the photos for a bigger image. Then if you are using XP with FireFox Browser, you can move the curser till you see the magnifying glass with the plus sign and click again, the photo getts bigger yet. Hope you have high-speed Internet !


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